1. Networking

  2. Mr Paolo Zaggia and event participants

    Mr Paolo Zaggia, Financial products and services directorate, Finlombarda S.p.A, Lombardy region, Italy

  3. Networking

  4. Mr Bruno Rubino, Mr Frank Lee and event participants

    Mr Bruno Rubino, Head of fi-compass, European Investment Bank, Mr Frank Lee, Head of Division fi-compass, European Investment Bank

  5. Networking

  6. Networking

  7. Networking

  8. Ms Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann, Ms Anna Zurek and event participants

    Ms Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann, Director, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, Ms Anna Zurek, European Investmen…

  9. Networking

  10. Networking

  11. Networking

  12. Event participant taking a look at illustrations

  13. Event participants

  14. Event participants

  15. Event participants

  16. Q&A and peer-to-peer discussion

  17. Q&A and peer-to-peer discussion

  18. Event participants

  19. Event participants

  20. Event participants

  21. Q&A and peer-to-peer discussion